The Bullitt XS

The Bullitt XS is being built by friend of The Bullitt, Jeremy Moultrup. We're just happy to document and share the process. Stay tuned for updates here!

Jeremy has been mocking up both of his tanks on the Bullitt XS. While we almost always would prefer raw tanks, it's hard to argue that the super clean maroon tank does look pretty slick. They both work, and they both totally change the look and feel of the bike.

What do you think; maroon (above) or raw (below)?

It's definitely been a while since we've posted anything on the ol' Bullitt XS. You may or may not recall that this is a build by a good friend of The Bullitt, Jeremy Moultrup. He's been a little preoccupied with another build - we'll get to that another time - but we've been doing our best to kick him in the shins for an update. Well, we've finally got a little info and a couple pics showing some exciting progress.

Since we last checked in, the most notable update to the Bullitt XS is her gaining an extra 100cc, jumping from a 750 to an 850. You'll notice we lost the blacked out motor (long story), but bigger is just about always better, right? The new custom seat has been finished and looks even better in person. 

The bike is getting much closer to a finished state. Keep checking back; we'll have more info soon!

Making headway on the XS. Frame is done, engine is wire-brushed and cleared, shocks are blacked out.

The Bullitt XS is being built by my good buddy Jeremy Moultrup.  He's created his own blog, Iron and Hide where you can follow his build inspiration with a specific page to his bike as well.

This is the raw leather to be used on the new custom seat. 


  1. Beautiful! Current I work on my xv1000 and I would love to use Öhlins fork. Can you give me an advice how to fix it on my bike? THX

    1. Hey artiman - unless you have access to building your own triple trees, I would suggest reaching out to Joyn Ryland @ Classified Moto. Good dude and he can help you out making them fit.

  2. Sweet machine....I just picked up a 79 XS750 myself, and this is going to be my inspiration. Can you tell me about the tires (brand/model/size)?

    1. Glad to hear that we're some inspiration! The front tire is a Kenda K761 120/80-18 and the rear is a Bridgestone TW40 Trail Wing 120/90-16. Good luck. Keep us posted with your progress!!

  3. Hello from France

    Very nice work and nice photos.
    I have a 850 XS in the garage, and I started work.
    What fork did you put on the XS? It looks like Suz?

    I would also like to change mine, but I really like the original rims.

    Keep it up!


    1. Hi Michael, thanks for the note. They're actually off a 2007 Kawi ZX10R. Good luck with your build. Let us know how it goes!

  4. Cool rig. I have a 2006 Triumph Scrambler I'm about to start work on. the tires you chose look similar to what I'm thinking on switching out to. Why did you choose these tires?


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