Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Custom Triumph Thruxton R :: Through the Lens

Buddy of The Bullitt, Steve West, recently shared a photo with us of a clean Triumph Thruxton R and had us drooling instantly. When we pressed him for more, he had plenty to share. After thumbing through the lot, we felt they were too good not to share here.

Steve West has already established himself as a popular jewelry designer, owning and operating the company Silver Piston. Recently, he's really taken to photography - and is clearly no slouch there either.

The stunning cafe racer you see here is a lightly modified TThruxton R, with upgrades performed by the Orlando-based, Standard Motorcycle Co

Sun flare, clip-ons, a bikini fairing, an unbranded tank...a classic match made in heaven. 

Yellow headlights are not always easy to pull off - kind of like bowtie - but when done right, can certainly look legit. We think with the gold Showa front forks, gold and yellow Ohlins out back, the yellow-tinted lens ties it all together.

Owner Sekou looks the business on his Thrux. We certainly wouldn't dare get in his way!

Damn, she sure does look nice in black & white too!

Silver Piston Photography: WebInstagram

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  1. What's he looking at, over to his left, in every picture?? Must have been one of those yoga pants busy street joggers or something, because it's quite rude to not pay any attention to the poor camera guy or the road, in every picture with him in it... Either that, or he must have not known someone was taking a bunch of iPhone pictures of him on portrait mode. Anyone ride these bike ever? Or are they just for glam shot afternoons? Well, at least hes doesn't have a stupid follower black X taped over the headlight... Yet.


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