Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2016 Ducati Monster 1200 R Unveiled

Ducati has just unveiled their fastest, highest-spec Monster ever, the 2016 Ducati Monster 1200 R. Powered by a 160 Hp R engine and equipped with a track-ready R chassis and superbike-derived components like Öhlins suspension, front and rear, and forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, this is one mean Monster! 

Aside from the upgraded suspension, some of the most noticeable changes come via sportier tail section and the redesigned exhaust and rearsets. In addition to the suspension, the R also boasts an Öhlins cross-mounted steering damper.

Adding a nice touch, the "R" graphic brushed into the radiator cover. 

The new R comes in "Ducati red" and "Thrilling black". The red R comes with a red frame and the black R comes with black frame. Both look pretty subtle but we kind of like that; speak softly but carry a loud stick!

With the new rear sets, more foot room, steering stabilizer, and high-spec components, this is a Monster that we can't wait to get our hands on!

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