Super Scrambler by Analog Motorcycles

With so much Scrambler attention going on worldwide right now, Analog Motorcycles gets their timing right with their custom ’75 square-case GT860 Ducati Scrambler. While there are plenty of modern options for someone in the market for a Scrambler currently, those who love vintage and custom will likely agree there’s certainly something special about a one-off pieced together with love and care. Start with an 80’s Ducati, grab an old Triumph Tiger front end, repaint this, re-coat that…now she’s starting to come together. A big part of the excitement and appreciation of a bike this this is the journey it took to come to be.

At first glance, we thought this stunning little number resembled our humble Bullitt CB (probably the header and pipe combo) but upon a deeper look it's clear that this thing is well above and beyond. No rock was left unturned on this build and it's clear that this thing wasn't built to be a trailer queen. Chris Hunter tells a great story of how this bike came to be and rather than try to recreate it, I encourage you to read the whole story here.

 Is it just us, or is this square-case insanely cool?

 Fox shocks 1" taller than stock ensure this thing can get after it.

Bike specs:

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