Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Canyon Motorcycle's "Super Bonnie"

When Triumph owner Adam brought in a trashed '04 Bonneville to Adrian at Canyon Motorcycles he had an idea of what he wanted but wasn't sure how to pull it off. He wanted a real classic looking ‘60s cafe but with a 'modern off road look' to it, which Adrian says is his specialty.


The rear suspension was upgraded to Works Suspension and gets its toughness from the Talon wheels and Distanzia combo. The motor is a 790 with a flowed head, cams, Keihin CR racing carbs, British Customs high pipes and a few ‘Canyon customs’ such as the seat, the Steve McQueen headlight conversion and their leather strap-on. The end result is classy looking bike that is both clean and mean.

What do you think of the "Super Bonnie" build? Is this something that you would want in your garage?

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