Saturday, June 22, 2013

Custom Harley Davidson 'Norley' Café Racer

Shaun Stocker from Down and Out Choppers sent in these stunning photos of his Harley Sportster cafe.  He mated a 1200cc Harley motor into a manx frame and pulled a classic looking cafe racer with modern comforts.   Many of the custom alloy parts were made my Stocker himself like the front fender, oil tank and one-off seat.

Polished out modern GSX-R front forks with custom twin rotor set up keep the front end pointed in the right direction.  The exhaust is custom made with a beautiful under-tail exit.  Stocker is located in the UK and has a handful of other fun builds - like a custom Hinkley Triton - in the works.  You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his builds.


  1. Recommended the Bullitt blog to our readers after seeing this Norley:

  2. Nice but it's not a Manx Frame it's a replica built by Norley to suit that motor. Check them out out at I don't know about "modern comforts" either there is no rubber mounts and mine vibrates like a bugger until 130k's then it's OK, at 160 k's it's sweet. My Norley is the Horton 1200 Commando MkV in the Norley gallery.


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