Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily Inspiration :: CRD's Triumph Scrambler

I've been struggling to decide on keeping the Bullitt OG a cafe racer or to convert in into more of an urban styled tracker/scrambler.  I'm due for new tires and was drooling over the Avon Distanzias.  When I saw Cafe Racer Dream's newly completed Triumph it just made the decision harder. 
What do you think out there, cafe or scrambler?

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  1. Which will you ride more? That's the direction you should go.

  2. Personally, I've grown to love the tracker/scrambler style bikes, even though my love of cafe racers is what attracted me to the modern Bonnie in the first place. I'm in the process of changing the bike's style now (using the '66 Bonneville TT Special as inspiration). I threw on some black TT pipes, Biltwell Moto bars, mini speedo, and reshaped/reupholstered the seat. Waiting on the Avon Distanzias to arrive now. I say scrambler-ize the bitch.

  3. CRD's version is very nice....the classic valanced rims make all the difference looks wise. Can't wait to get some myself eventually... As for which way you should drop your $$$, go for the hopped up motor :)
    I love my Hinckley Bonnie....


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