Sunday, December 16, 2012

International Motorcycle Show 2012 :: Long Beach, CA

I cruised on over to the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA last week.  Can't say I was totally blown away this year but it was still a good time.  The tall cans made it more enjoyable and I had a laugh getting noticed a few times as "that dude from the Cycle World NC700X event".  And I thought my 15 minutes of fame was up...

Did you make it out this year to the show this year at any venue?  What was your favorite bike?


  1. hey man any more pics of the bike with the stamped number plate? 34.

    1. Hey Edgar, I believe I do. I'll check on my other computer when I have a minute. Thanks!

  2. International shows are really something! These photos you took are really great, and were able to make guys like me who didn’t go regret our actions. But anyway, that gray Triumph is amazing in its simplicity. Although I dig that red Ducati, I would not mind spending my day looking that gray bike. What is your favorite, by the way?

    Erik Lucien

  3. I’d go for that Michael Jackson-inspired motorcycle. It’s really cool! MJ fans would absolutely be happy to take a picture with this bike!

  4. I love that MJ inspired bike! I'd love to have something like that to display in the middle of my living room at home! The guy who came up with that concept did a great job in putting together his passion for bikes and his love for Michael!

    Hannah Parkin

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