Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For Sale :: Radical Ducati's "9½ Radical"

While perusing the site of the always interesting Spanish-based tuners, Radical Ducati, I noticed that they have one of their builds up for sale on their blog.
Their bike dubbed the "9½ Radical" is another fine example of exatly what they do best.  Take an already fast Ducati and make it faster and lighter.  By now, they have that formula down to a T!  No word on the asking price yet, but stay tuned here...I'll update as soon as I hear back.
In their posting on the bike, they mention that this build is a tribute to Racing Ducati singles (Nenzioni 450 cc)
A short list of impressive specs:

- Modified Monster 900 ’97 frame
- Monster 900 ’97 forks
- Monster 900 carburetors
- Single side swing-arm kit
- Monster 900 front wheel
- 916 rear wheel
- Braking rear and front disc brakes
- Brembo PR19 brake pump
- Frentubo blue Kevlar brake lines
- ST2 engine ( tuned) with injectors body throttle
– K&N air filters
- 916 racing electrical wiring
- Aviacompositi rev counter
- ST2 original ECU
- Wolfman two independent exhaust tubes
- Lasser Megaphones E3 omologated
- SP regulable footpegs - Malagutti 500 water radiator
- MT03 aluminum modified front mudguard.
- 999 fuel tank with ergal quick open gas tap
- RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat
- Tomaselli regulable aluminum clip ons

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