Cycle World's Ducati Diavel Experience

I was stoked to be selected by Cycle World to participate in their 10 Best: Ducati Diavel Riding Experience.   Admittedly, there are plenty of other Ducatis that I would choose first...I was still interested in checking out this 162 hp beast.
For being a "cruiser" this thing can do a lot more than cruise.  For how wide and big this bike might look, handling is great.  The riding position is comfortable but not limiting.  Switching through the 3 different riding modes was easy, though I never really left sport mode.  We got to tear through the San Diego canyons I was left grinning ear to ear.  No doubt the Diavel is a bike that is comfy enough for a long haul but sporty enough for a tear around town.  I was impressed.

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