Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bullitt CB :: DIY Knee Dents

I had my first go at hammering in my own knee dents on the project CB. After picking up a cheap nylon teardrop mallet and watching a quick youtube video it was time to have at it.

The first step after grabbing a cold one was to cut out a little paper template in the size I wanted - taking inspiration from the Bullitt OG's tank - and mocked it up on the tank. Can't say I wasn't at least a little hesitant to take that first swing but it really wasn't too bad once I started. 

I'm not quite finished yet, but pleased with the initial results. Thoughts?


  1. Nice work, I've never had a go at that but have considered it a couple of times. I bet the first few hits were a bit have inspired me to give it a go some time.

    1. Hey Ross, glad to have inspired you to give it a go. It was a bit tense at first but this tank had already been banged up a bit so it made it a little easier. That and the Jack and coke too!

  2. Awesome, I have to try this on a tank soon too, looks simple enough. Good Meeting you at Bike night, my offer still stands if you ever need anything steel welded.


    1. Good meeting you too brother. I've got some welding to do in the near future so don't be surprised if I take you up on that!


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