Bullitt Build :: Yamaha XS750

Like the ladies here in Orange County - California, that is - this XS needs a tummy tuck and a face lift just to fit in on these trendy streets.  This shaft driven 1977 Yamaha XS 750 has been choking down the twinkies and is going vegan...stat!   No more double mocha frappuccinos from the local Starbies either.
We're teaming up with an up and coming local builder Jeremy Moltrup and will be collaborating on this entire build.  The bike's getting completely stripped down, detabbed, tail looped and shortened.  Modern USD forks from a ZX-10R with some meaty tires are replacing the dinky existing front end.  She'll be getting a custom seat and other tasty bits.  By the time we're done with her, she'll be a lean, mean cafe racing machine.  Keep one eye on The Bullitt to watch her go from zero to hero!

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