British Customs 2-into-1 Exhaust

The Bullitt got to team up with British Customs to work on their new 2-into-1 exhaust system.  We're developing the step-by-step instructions to assist customers in installs of their own.  We've had this system on our bike for about a month and are completely in love.  You don't just gain style points with this system...
Though we can't argue with the more aggressive/racer look it gives the bike, you also get increased performance.  The bike has not yet been on the dyno to confirm but estimated gains are approximately 3-5 hp.  Considering this particular bike was running straight headers previously, the gains seem even better.  Throttle response is much more crisp and the bike feels reborn.  British Customs will be offering this set up in both the straight exit (pictured above) as well an upswept, Moto GP-style option as well.  If you're looking for style and performance out of your modern Triumph (Bonneville, Thruxton or Scrambler), you should definitely give this system a hard look.
**8/30/12 - Update to BC 2-into-1 Post

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