Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saddle up with Deus Bali

Deus Bali has just put up some pretty versatile saddle bags.  Designed and produced in Bali, these bags are perfect for throwing in your towel, hat and a few Bintangs as you set off to check the surf.  And don't worry about your stuff getting lifted - when you park your bike, you can just grab the bags and take 'em with you.
The bags come in two configurations for your convenience - a one piece or a two piece break apart backpack and side bag.
Great attention to detail was considered, not too surprising as this is the case for all things 'Deus'.  That canvas and leather is an rugged and looks the part...instant classic!
Though the bags are not cheap (one piece- 3.4 million rupiah or $400 USD or the two piece break apart backpack and side bag - 3.7 million rupiah or $430 USD), but a bargain considering what you're getting.  For more info email

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  1. Hello, how much for the canvas saddlebag or his there a website for price.
    Kind Regards


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