Friday, July 9, 2010

Triumph Motorcycle Logo History

I was doing some research on the Triumph motorcycle logo and stumbled across a page where someone had already put the whole history together.  In fact, Soren Winslow's site is full of information on Triumphs, like the whole 127 years of Triumph's motorcycle history, significant models, and a whole lot more.  If you're interested in Triumph's heritage, you should give it a read.

Here is his history of the Triumph Motorcycle logo direct from his site:

1902-1906 Triumph Shield
1902-1906 Shield
Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd.
1907-1914 Triumph Script
1907-1914 Triumph Script
Triumph Motorcycles
1914 Broader Triumph Script in Oval
1914 Broader Triumph Script in Oval
Triumph Motors
Triumph All Over The World
1932-1933 Globe Variant
Triumph All Over The World
1934-1936 Triumph Logo
1934-1936 The first of the swooping "R" logos.
Taller than modern logos.

1936-1985 Triumph Logo
1936-1985 Heavier and shorter type
with the swoop passing under the "I" with an outline.
1990-2004 Triumph Logo
1990 - 2004 Modern Triumph Swoosh
"R" swoosh passes cleanly stopping short of the "H"
1990-2004 Triumph Logo
2002 Triumph Centenary Logo
Used for the 100 year anniversary of the first Triumph motorcycle
2005-Present Triumph Logo
2005-Present Triumph Logo
"R" swoosh integrates with the inside of the "H".
Logo loses outlines

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