Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Header Wrap

Finally went ahead with it and wrapped the headers. Getting the headers off was easy but getting everything all back on and lined up with that cross-over took a few tries. I dipped the wrap in water before wrapping them to help get a tighter wrap which not only worked well, but it made for some cool photos when I warmed it up. All that water driving out of the wrap made it look like my engine was on fire...


  1. the look is f-ing cool....but what about some of the downsides of the wrap. Have your buddies had any problems with too much heat being retained?

    Dave in Austin

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the comment. I've heard that over time you can cause damage as the wrap causes them to super-heat the headers. After all, the wrap is on the outside so all the heat you're keeping "in" the headers is actually heating the metal as well. I'm not too worried can pick up used stock headers pretty cheap if it really becomes an issue later.


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