Thruxton Bars

So I finally got the bars I had been waiting for.... Triumph just released the 2009 Thruxton replacement bars from the factory and I got the first pair sent to my dealership. I think they made a drastic improvement to the aesthetic, however those blinkers are still a major eyesore. One thing at a time I suppose.

Weekend updates:
The inspiration behind the tape over the headlight was originally from a magazine I read on cafe-racers. I was thinking to myself that I should try it out but when I saw another Black Bonnie with the taped-up light, I knew I loved it. They just look so much tougher like that. When someone asked me what that's for, I replied that it comes from track riding. When on a track they make you remove most removable stuff and tape-up the headlight. Well, that's what I'm going with anyways...

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